Septa--A 12-Footer

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by Robert and George Schleier

This interesting 12-footer has a novel convertible top and foredeck anchor hatch.

Septa, the seventh boat built by this father-and-son team, is a 12-footer, with a 54-inch beam, having a foredeck with a hatch, a cross deck amidships and a novel convertible top. With an 18hp outboard motor she does a good 22 mph which is sufficient speed for skiing, not to mention getting to your favorite fishing grounds in a hurry. When the going is rough, her vee forward section cushions the impact, taking large waves without pounding. The flaring bow tends to make her a dry boat. She has simple, clean lines and her seaworthiness was proved to us during hurricane "Donna" when we found it necessary to buck the elements in her to get out and check the mooring lines on our 25-footer. The teeners like her because of her neat appearance, speed and her roominess which provides plenty of storage space for such gear as the necessary boat equipment, skis, scuba equipment, and, of course, there must be the radio and the refreshments. Three can comfortably seat themselves in the fore cockpit and have adequate protection from the elements or enjoy the cool shade under the convertible top.

14 pages, 4 plate(s)

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