Flyer--A 12-Ft. Outboard Utility

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A 12-ft. V-bottom outboard with simple, plywood hull that can be built as a decked-in sport runabout or open utility for fishing.

Double duty is the word for this fast outboard that combines the speed of a runabout with the carrying capacity and general all-around usefulness of a utility boat. A composite V-bottom hull with semi-convex bottom section and moulded non-tripping chines makes this combination possible. The simple, plywood construction produces an attractive boat that is light in weight, sturdy, and permanently leak-proof. If a hull of the double-cockpit type is desired, the regular construction procedure is followed, but when the boat is finished, deck beams are added and openings cut for cockpits. The deck is then covered with ¼ in. waterproof plywood. For utility use, a small outboard from 1 to 6 h. p. is recommended or an air-cooled inboard may be installed.

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