Flying Fisherman

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A fast, outboard utility. 11 1/2 feet overall, with an easily-driven bull, plunked with plywood or thin cedar.

Whether you like flashing speed or a leisurely trolling pace, this all-around utility boat will fill the bill. With one of the big twenties hung on the transom, she’ll plane smoothly along at high speed and give you all the thrills of riding in a regular speedboat. Or, if you’re one of Izaak Walton’s followers and prefer a more leisurely speed, a lightweight outboard kicker will still get you and a friend or two, plus all your gear, to your favorite fishing grounds in good time. The versatile hull is soft-riding, turns on the proverbial dime and because of its size and light weight will ride on top of your car. Although it was designed for regular plywood planking, you can use thin cedar stock, backed up with seam battens and canvas covered.

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