Eclipse, A Hand 40-foot Express Cruiser

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Designed by William H. Hand Jr.

Now all you speed motor boatmen, here is your chance. The variety of boats for which we are publishing the plans is complete. We have had little boats, big boats, runabouts, cruisers, and auxiliaries. Here is a brand new one. Eclipse is an express cruiser of the utmost refinement and most up-to-the-minute features. In 40 feet of length Mr. Hand has succeeded in securing every desirable advantage of the much larger boats. Complete accommodations are provided for cruising with four or more persons and the necessary facilities are ample to care for the full personnel with every comfort. This boat follows along the lines developed by the famous express cruiser Flyaway III. This cruiser established many enviable records in competitions of all sorts. Long-distance races had no terrors for it. Inland waters, or the open Atlantic, it was all the same. Flyaway was always on deck and most generally the first to finish. Our cruiser this month follows the conventional V-bottom practice developed by Mr. Hand. The sections have been designed to give the maximum of speed and seaworthiness for the minimum power installed. Working on the theory that the outside deck and cockpit space is the portion of the boat which the majority of boatmen use the most, this design has been particularly developed to allow the utmost possible outdoor space. The interior has not been neglected, however, in order to accomplish this. The arrangement inside is as follows: Storage for lines and deck gear is arranged in the forepeak. A roomy lavatory comes next with a pair of good sizable wardrobe closets close by. The cabin proper is fitted with a pair of sliding transom berths which afford ample sleeping accommodation. Some more closets are provided just adjacent to the galley compartment. This is completely equipped with stove, refrigerator, sink, dishracks and all necessary fittings. The motor selected for this boat is a model F. S. six-cylinder Sterling which is compactly installed under the bridge-deck floor and just aft of the aftercabin bulkhead. Plenty of room is provided on all sides in order to allow of easy access to all parts of the motor and also to give it some breathing space. A motor which is hidden away in an inaccessible corner is neglected and when it is treated this way its usefulness is soon impaired or destroyed altogether. Roomy seats are provided on each side of the bridge-deck space for the operator and some guests to remain comfortably seated while the boat is under way, and a further seat the full width of the after end of the cockpit makes an ideal place to sit and snooze while the boat drives along at a merry clip.

This Is What Mr. Hand Says About Eclipse

Here is a safe, sane, and wholesome motor cruiser of a type which has been developed to a high degree of efficiency, and is exceedingly popular. The predecessor of this V-Bottom is the old “Flyaway Ill,” probably the first real express cruiser, and a boat responsible for a marked change in the development of the express cruiser type. The arrangement is one which seems to use the space to beet advantage. The cabin provides sleeping accommodations for four with adequate toilet and galley. The cockpit is large, and there is, plenty of deck space. The average motor boat user spends at least 75 per cent. of total time on board in cockpit or on deck, therefore, it is believed that sufficient deck space and cockpit room is quite as desirable as the maximum sleeping accommodations, something which is frequently overlooked in planning small cruisers. With the power plant designated, this little cruiser will maintain a speed in excess of twenty miles, and be able to go anywhere along the coast In the summer months quite as safely, and far faster, than the average boat.--WM. H. HAND, JR.

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