Handy Andy--A 13-Ft. Power Scow

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by Hi Sibley

An inexpensive 13-ft. power scow with an air-cooled engine: for hunting, fishing or use as a workboat.

Designed to take any one of the low priced, air-cooled engines that are on the market today, this husky scow is about the cheapest and most practical form of power craft that you can build. An though she's no beauty for appearance, there's a world of utility packed in her snub-nosed hull. If you're interested in low cost transportation for fishing, and want to take along a friend and all your gear, Handy Andy is the answer. On the other hand, if pintails or greenheads are your game, you'll find the 12-in. draft of the scow ideal for poking about in marshes and the shallow waters where ducks feed. And last but not least, if you work for a living on or about the water, you'll find a dozen different uses for the scow, such as clamming, tending lobster pots, hauling supplies and towing larger craft in a boat yard or yacht club.  

4 pages, 2 plate(s)

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