Voyageur--A 28-Ft. Power Cruiser

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A 28-ft. power cruiser with comfortable accommodations for four, a large protected cockpit and double-planked hull.

Combining modern design with simple construction, this trim and seaworthy cruiser offers the amateur builder comfortable living afloat, and at a reasonable cost. For the man who wants to take his family or a small party of friends on a cruise for a few weeks or a month and keep the expenses at a minimum, the boat is ideal. The accommodations plan shows a good-sized trunk cabin with two full-length berths, the backs of which swing up to make two equally large, upper berths, sleeping four in all. Forward of the main cabin to starboard, there’s a fully-equipped galley with sink, stove and a large ice box. On the opposite side to port, is a lavatory and full-length clothes locker. Additional stowage space is provided under the berths. The headroom throughout the house is six feet, one inch, which is unusual for a boat of this size. The cockpit is exceptionally large and protected by a canopy, making it perfect for fishing parties. All steering and engine controls are grouped on the cabin bulkhead at a point affording excellent visibility through the windshield. As the lines show, the hull of Voyageur is a V-bottom type with good freeboard at the forward stations to keep the decks dry in even the roughest going. The boat is a shade more than 28 feet overall, has a beam of nine feet, seven inches and with equipment and four people on board, weighs about 6,000 pounds and draws slightly over two feet of water. The power installation shown on the plans is a Universal Flexi-four engine, developing 40 hp and weighing about 455 pounds. However, any similar engine of the same weight and horsepower may be substituted, provided it is installed at the exact location shown on the plans. This is very important if the boat is to trim and balance properly. It is equally important not to make any changes in the locations of the other major weights in the hull, such as the tanks, toilet and galley equipment, etc. Before getting on to the actual building operations, a word about the double-planking which consists of two layers of regular ¼ in. waterproof marine plywood laid in standard 4 by 8-ft. sheets. The first layer is fastened to the framing with screws and one of the waterproof glues that have been developed especially for marine use. The second layer of plywood is then fastened in place, staggering the seams and butts and using the same glue between the layers. By screwing both thicknesses to the frames and using short screws to hold the layers together between them, the result is virtually one piece of planking that should remain free of leaks for the life of the boat.

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