Sea Scout--A 13-Ft. Inboard Runabout

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by William D. Jackson, N.A.

Be prepared for fun with this 13-footer.

Sea Scout is the type of boat it's name implies—a small inboard runabout with single cockpit destined for use by one to three persons and for fairly high speeds with comfort not found in outboards and convenience comparable with a coupe ashore. If marine plywood is used in the construction, the finished boat will be stiff, sturdy, leak-proof and quite fast, especially if powered by any of the lightweight, high speed marine engines or, if properly converted, there is no reason why any high speed, lightweight auto engine—not exceeding 65 H.P. shouldn’t be used. With an engine of the proper size you’ll have speed and convenience in a sporty little inexpensive craft it’ll be a pleasure to own.

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