Two Sisters--11-Ft. and 13-Ft. Skiffs

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by Edson I. Schock

Big Sis and Little Sis are both members of the skiff family, even if they are not twins.

Both are fine for rowing and for use with outboard motors. Big Sis is just over 13 feet in length, and Little Sis is two feet shorter. Each will build with minimum trouble and expense. Each will bring happiness for years to come These skiffs were designed as good all-around boats for fishing, picnics, rides, camp utilities, or work boats. The smaller boat is well suited to an outboard motor as she is straight along the bottom and will not squat under power. The larger skiff is cut up at the stern which makes her easier to row. She also would be all right under power at slow speeds, but would not be satisfactory with a large motor, since she would squat at speed. About 21/2 horsepower would be plenty.

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