Pop Gun--An Air-Cooled Inboard Motor Boat

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by Weston Farmer

Here is a sweet little motorboat with air-cooled inboard power.

She will make a fine fishing boat, especially for trolling, as she has a screw-feed throttle. For ease of construction using standard boatbuilding techniques, the dory is hard to beat. Such a dory hull is Pop Gun. From the design shown here you will get what I think is one of the finest low-pressure launches ever floated. The modified dory is time-tried. It was originated by down-East builders over 50 years ago for saltwater use. Here in Pop Gun I have merely modified the modifications so as to remove all traces of crankiness, so there is nothing experimental about her. She resembles closely the product of any of a half-dozen eastern seaboard boatshops. Hundreds of such boats have been built, powered with air-cooled inboard engines of the air-cooled industrial type, such as the 1 hp Briggs and Stratton, or the inboard Lausons, made by the Lauson Mfg. Co., New Holstein, Wis., or the Wisconsin, made by the Wisconsin Motor Mfg. Co., Milwaukee, Wis. The Pop Gun shown here is Briggs and Stratton powered, 1 hp, using a 2-blade left-hand outboard prop, 9" diameter by 7” pitch. Speed, about 7 mph. The whole idea of the boat wraps up into a rig in which you can turn the kids loose for a day’s exploration secure in the knowledge they’ll be back in time for dinner if they have sense enough to know when to turn around. They cannot capsize her, and her gas tank, magneto—the works—are in one hunk, rainproof and get-at-able under the deck. She’ll go all day on 50 cents’ worth of gas. And despite the fact that it usually rains Saturdays, Sundays and holidays when Dad gets her, she is a trolling boat with a nifty nose for fish. In this department Pop Gun will be a companion of the hunt in the same sense a good retriever is. By using a plain screw-feed throttle rod from deck to carburetor, you can adjust the chuff and blat of Pop Gun’s exhaust so delicately you can get exactly the trolling throb you want. Dressed then in slicker and storm hat, you can ghost all day in the drizzle and snake in your strikes. Under the deck the motor will be dry and won’t change pace. The process of building Pop Gun is simple. It will be old hat to any man who can get a smooth cut.

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