Sundance--An Outboard Cruiser

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by Weston Farmer

The basic function of any cruiser is to go places, and this technically excellent little cruisemite is designed to do just that—she’ll build from materials obtainable everywhere, and you can count on her to handle big water.

If you are one of the many who are dreaming of an outboard cruiser, you will do well to read of Sun Dance here. She is distilled out of an experience with outboard “cruisers” which stretches over the last 26 years. It was in April of 1928 that the plans for the first planing V-bottom outboard cruiser appeared in print. This boat was named Quadster. She was designed for the then new 18 hp four-cylinder Elto. A great many of these hulls were built. I had the good fortune to have designed her, and have designed a number of others since then. Now, as I get into the business of planning the latest of this line of successful boats, I have again been involved in doping out a hull shape which will best fit the real usage to which such a craft is put. Again I come to the same basic conclusions about outboard cruisers. Out of this has evolved Sun Dance—an excellent bottom, a hull made a little better by a knowing arrangement plan, but basically embodying the same integrity toward wind, wave, rain and motor that has characterized the earlier hulls. They were all dandy boats.

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