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by Charles Bell

LOA 22' 6", BEAM 8', DRAFT 16", DISPLACEMENT 3,000 pounds.

This is a modification of the highly successful cruiser, Adventurer, designed a few years ago

The lines of Discoverer have been sweetened a trifle and her aspect ratio lengthened. The power plant is a 113 h.p. C-drive inboard motor, located in the stern, and calls for some ballast in order to trim the boat properly without resorting to broadening the stern bearing with the resultant disadvantages. The weight of Discoverer is light so that ballast is needed anyway to give her some authority in the water. Her principal dimensions are: 22’6” over all, 8’ beam, 16” draft, 3,000 lbs. displacement. She has a 113 h.p. 6-cyl. motor, has 6’3” headroom and converts to sleep four. This is a real cruiser with adequate room for four to six people and is not a small tub crammed with facilities which are too small to be used. With the addition of 12 cubic feet of Styrofoam tucked away inside in out-ofthe-way places, the boat has positive flotation, a feature too often overlooked these days. She has the finest construction in her hull with a urethane foam board between fiberglass skins construction, mahogany trim finished with urethane plastic, and a teak deck. The foam plastic is perfect insulation against either heat or cold. The large cockpit is open for daytime cruising or fishing and a nylon cover quickly converts the whole boat into a livable two-cabin luxury liner at night.

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