Mehitabel--An 18' Plywood Cruiser

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by Dave Beach

Reprinted from Rudder

The intense interest in inexpensive outboard powered boats for cruising has led the editors of  THE RUDDER to the realization that a modern boat of this type should be made available to amateur builders. I was commissioned to do the job, with the special request that I attempt to get away from the standard type and try to produce something different. "Mehitabel" is the result. She is 18 feet 8 inches overall, 16 feet 9 inches on the water, 7 feet 6 inches beam, 1 foot 2 inches draft, and should be able to make seventeen miles an hour with a good power plant when not overloaded.  The outboard profile shows a not too common appearance. Well forward, on a lively sheer, is a large runabout type windshield with ample side wings that protect an open cockpit with two comfortable seats and exceptional steering visibility.

8 pages, 4 plate(s)

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