Placida--A 30' Houseboat

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by Robert M. Steward

For a summer facation on a lake or lazy river, build a 30-ft. pram bow houseboat.

The amount of water within the boundaries of our country is not ordinarily appreciated by the native coast yachtsman until his eyes are opened by an inland trip. Especially on a daylight flight the facts are realized, as innumerable placid lakes and lazy winding rivers slip in and out of view over the edges of the wings. It is only then that we become familiar with the homes of the famous inland racing scows and the majority of the thousands of outboard motors and hulls that have been produced in the past few years. For decades families have lived on these rivers in shanty boats tied to the banks. Others use this type of boat for summering amid serene surroundings as relief from the city, sometimes remaining in one favorite spot on river or lake, sometimes shifting as the spirit moves them. It is felt that the design of the scow houseboat Placida will fill the vacation need of many families.

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