Holiday--A 20' Runabout/Cruiser Combination

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by William J. Deed, N.A.

Twenty ft. runabout and cruiser combination is made of plywood.

Reprinted from Rudder

Here is a small craft of moderate price offering two boats in one design, an open runabout and a cruiser for week-end or short cruises. We show one layout as an open boat, and a cabin unit of light weight which can be dropped in place to transform the boat into a cruiser. Holiday is 20 feet long, 6 feet 4 inches beam, and 2 feet 1 inch draft. Hull form is vee bottom with developable surfaces on the sides and bottom so flat plywood sheets can be bent in place. To convert the runabout into a week-end cruiser, the seat backs are hinged to let down and form a double berth, while under the seats are found a stove, galley stores, portable icebox, dishes, etc., and possibly a water closet or bucket under one of the seats.

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