Blackfish & Tautog--2 Cruisers

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by Al Mason.

This round bottom, 22 ft. express cruiser is inexpensive to build.

"Blackfish" and her cousin "Tautog" were designed to meet the growing demand for a small cruiser of moderate size that would be relatively simple to build and maintain in these days of high costs. However, while there are a number of stock boats of similar size already available on the market, few are of round bottom construction. For those who prefer a round bottom boat "Blackfish" is the answer, while "Tautog" is sure to fit the bill for those who desire the more common vee bottom form. The two designs are alike in many respects but variations in hull design will slightly affect actual details and the amount of room for accommodations. The superstructures of the two boats differ considerably and are a matter of personal choice. Actually arrangement of the main deck, framing and superstructure of "Tautog" and "Blackfish" are interchangeable. Hence if a number of these boats were being built, the main deck and superstructure could be assembled as complete units and installed on either hull as preferred.


The alternate plan for a faster boat features a vee bottom hull.

In any case where speed is a major consideration, attention should be given to saving weight throughout the hull by using such items as light weight controls, light tubing instead of heavy piping, and eliminating unnecessary hardware. Actually this saving of weight will have a greater effect on increasing speed and lowering costs than a larger engine and its heavier equipment.

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