15-Ft. High-Speed Outboard Runabout

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by Bruce Crandall

At last—a hull designed for up-front operation. She’s safer, with plenty of beam, and speeds up to 34 mph

An outboard boat for forward steering must be designed (as are most inboard runabouts) with some fore-and-aft curvature in the planing surface, or must be considerably wider forward or narrower aft than the average outboard design. From a glance at the lines plan of this design it will be obvious that the beam admidship at the chine is much greater than in conventional designs and that the planing surface narrows down somewhat aft.  As outboard boats go, this is a quite large boat for a 15-footer, with 28” depth amidship, enough to make good headroom with a convertible top, and almost 7’ beam, about the greatest of any 15-footer available. The great beam serves the double purpose of making the boat safe at high speed and also large and stable enough for a twin outboard installation. The exceptional flare aft eliminates the possibility of the chine tripping as well as would a conventional beveled chine. This simplifies the construction somewhat. There is plenty of buoyancy and stability to carry up to five persons in perfect safety under ordinary conditions.

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