Barnaby--A 16-Ft Cabin Cruiser

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by Henry Clark

This is it!  Roomy but trailable; it’s small enough to keep our lot uncluttered. It carries a slew of camping gear, plus my wife, three kids—and a dog! Yet it planes easily, just like a runabout. Good stability, sturdy oak framing, 3/8-inch plywood hull and mahogany trim for that “cruiser” look. The cabin sleeps two adults plus a child.  The wheel and controls in the cabin are for use in wet weather. They are coupled to the helm in the open cockpit for stand-up or sit-down steering. Portholes for Junior to watch the splash, a memory every boy should have—wide gunwales for walking—grab rails on the roof—windows that open for ventilation—an upper windshield to keep the wind off the skipper—fuel tanks under seats, which are hinged—seat back that lowers, for motor attention—a self-bailing water well to keep out following seas—a high freeboard to keep out spray. Barnaby’s got ‘em all!

12 pages, 8 plate(s)

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