Ellen Ann--A Fast 10-Ft. Runabout

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(Small enough to be a really cool dinghy!)

by George and Robert Schleier

On one of those long, cold winter nights when one reminisces, thoughts of summer can bring on a discussion—with us, it’s boats. A 13-year-old youngster sounded off one night regarding his ideas on an ideal “small boat” Putting his ideas down on paper and polishing off the rough edges gave us this 10 footer—”Ellen Ann.” For an all-purpose boat, she is fast. Using a 7-8 hp outboard, she will plane at an honest 18 mph, carrying a 125-pound “pilot.” With 15 horses, she’ll move the same weight along at 24 mph. She’ll ski one 125-pound youngster with only 7-8 lip, with a 125-pound “pilot.” Cartopping is a snap, and sharp turns can safely be made within a boat-length. Suitable for dinghy service, she’ll do very well as a “fisher” if you don’t crowd more than two aboard. For inclement weather, a detachable, folding windshield will give ample protection against the elements. A hatch in the foredeck allows convenient stowage of ground tackle.

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