Blue Fin--A Steel 31-Ft. Sport Fisher Cruiser

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by Al Mason.

(Inboard Power)

The Blue Fin was designed primarily for sport fishing, yet she will be suitable for cruising. While it is true that one can fish from the average cruiser, the sport fisherman has much more cockpit room for fighting chairs, full visibility in all directions for spotting fish, and the many other sport features. Regardless of whether a boat is to be used primarily for sport fishing, a large cockpit Is always desirable as this is the place where most waking time is spent In Blue Fin, outside of indicating a single fighting chair with a footrest and a folding helmsman’s seat, the cockpit is left to be arranged to suit individual taste. Depending on the engine hatch arrangement, fixed or folding chairs may be used. In lieu of the fighting chair, if the boat is not to be used for sport fishing, a full width seat could be fitted across the after end.

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