Little Bubble--Nine feet of Runabout Fun

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by Hank Clark

There are 130 pounds of darting delight in only nine feet of boat. And so simple to build. Designed at first only to turn loose two of the crew of "Barnaby" (described earlier in this page) it was to be light for car topping, and just something to be independent in. As construction went along, we put some beef here and there, and today, after a whole season, we find we’ve built a bomb! Linda 16, and Carol or Bub now have a real “rod” complete with 10 hp Evinrude Sportwin, remote controls, Voilrath racing steerer, 6-gallon (could be 4-gallon) tank, cushions, paddle and lines. The same rig could be a father/son project, or teen-team effort for kicks, camping, or plain joy on the water. This is not a hydro. It’s only a little over 9 feet, a midget runabout with semi-round bottom that affords soft ride, yet flies around with a hydro’s performance. It paces our cruiser at its 24 mph clip, with two aboard, safely cresting most waters of lakes, rivers and bays. But here’s the hottest news of alL It pulls a 150-pound skier! Or two tots! Tie that! Long mahogany fins are rakish, and are transom braces, and fence against sloshing water. Wheel column is seat back, and allows astride sitting or kneeling, folding for car-topping. Round bow makes for easy building, gives some “deck” area, and imparts more bottom area to support the passenger in so small a craft. No spray rails. Raked sides keep cockpit dry. A 5 hp motor was first used, putting out 17 mph. But with 10 hp on, you fly.

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