13' 6" Family Outboard Runabout

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/Any one of four standard types of construction may be used.

Smooth riding and absolute safety at high speeds characterize this 13½’ round.bottom outboard runabout. Well adapted to both rough and smooth water, it may be used efficiently with any outboard motor of from 1 to 60 h.p.—a power range that can be achieved oniy with a round-bottom design.  Even if it should be recklessly driven, the boat is practically impossible to upset at any speed, excepting oniy in extremely high seas such as would be too much for any small boat. It is large enough to carry the whole family safely and comfortably, easy to row, and so light that two men can lift it onto a trailer.  The design includes various features never before offered in a boat for home construction. The combination of rocker keel forward, and flat planing surface aft, and the complete elimination of tripping chines make the design the safest it is possible to build. Clinker -built (lapstreak) construction with bent oak frames provides for exceptional light weight and strength. At high speed the spray is caught by each plank lap and forced back under the boat, which increases the speed.  Any one of four standard types of construction may be used. If made lapstreak, the hull will be found no more difficult to build than many V-bottom boats of the same size.

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