Sez You!

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Weston Farmer/And does she go! Say, mister-like a hot penny on a greasy pan says me!

by Weston Farmer

The history of this design is an interesting one. Really, the hull of Sez You is an adaptation of a design for which Bruno Beckhard, the outboard motor maestro of Brooklyn, was responsible. Back in the days, not so very long ago either, when the outboard motor was a new and wonderful thing barely capable of making a hydroplane plane, Bruno started experimenting with flat bottom water wagons, v-bottom hydros, and heaven knows what not. Out of it all he evolved a boat which Jerry White, then editor of Rudder and now editor of Motor Boat, published as a how to build article. This original boat which was the combined efforts of White and Beckhard was called Nize Baby. She went like the deuce, and was the same dimensions over all as is Sez You here. But—and there’s the rub—the Sea Sled Company, zealous prosecutors of the patent rights of their company, claimed that the design was an infringement of the Sea Sled patents, and considerable annoyance was caused for all concerned. I reasoned to Clotilde, my pocket data book, that half of the Nize Baby designs remained at present unbuilt due to the misunderstanding caused by this controversy. Knowing that the secret of Nize Baby’s performance was not in the concaved sections but was rather in the longitudinal reverse curve to the bottom which was transversely as flat as a pancake aft of amidships anyway, I figured that a design could be calculated from the old Nize Baby idea which would fulfill the function of Nize Baby, and yet be just straight boat, with a flat bottom and no outside frills to tread on other people’s toes. Then every one could build one, and have sport for fair. So Sez You is the result. And to prove her, we built her and tested her out on the waters of Lake Minnetonka not so long ago. And does she go! Say, mister—like a hot penny on a greasy pan says me!

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