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Joseph Adams/A convenient and useful outboard runabout.

by Joseph Adams

"Pudgy" is short in size, but long in quality. She boasts speed and style.

Join in the fun on the water with "Pudgy", a lightweight 12-foot outboard runabout. Its canvas construction assures both initial and operating economy, since any damage is easily patched and a 51/2 hp engine is all that is needed to push "Pudgy" up on a plane. Up to four persons may be aboard without cutting down appreciably on her performance. Spruce shingle lath is used for this project. By buying it 1x3 inches and ripping into 1x2 inch or lx1 inch as needed, a substantial savings can be made. The covering material is white untreated duck, which can be bought at reasonable prices from mail order houses. One half sheet of 1/4-inch plywood is ample for the transom and gussets.

8 pages, 2 plate(s)

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