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Henry Clark/This speedabout is low in cost, high in performance.

by Henry Clark

Speedabout is low in cost, high in performance.

For the Man or boy who wants the action of the racing gang, at a much lower cost and with easier construction, this boat was designed. After some months of creaming around in ffiy 9-ft. "Bubbles", one boy asked for a faster job, one which could carry a few friends along and still go car-top if necessary. With this in mind, the layout yielded a hull as simple as "Bubbles", but far roomier, sturdier, and faster. Transom is uniquely braced to take up to 35 hp if the driver knows his stuff, but this driver was content with an 18 hp Evinrude, with remote controls. This drove the boat 30 mph average with an all-purpose prop. Even with a smaller 10 hp on, we clocked 24 mph on our Aqua Meter. To the looks of a hydro was added the rakish fins which impart high freeboard and ward off splash. And though the ribs are simple, straight rips, the bottom is semiround, giving a soft ride and rolling turns. Center wheel dash unit is also front seat back rest. Gas tank goes in front when going solo.

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