Sea Jet--A Hickman Sea Sled Type

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William Jackson/Here's a craft with an underwater form specially designed to move at almost PT boat speeds.

Designed by William Jackson

Any number of control and seating arrangements are possible with this spacious 17-footer whose design stems from the old familiar Hickman Sea Sled.

"Sea Jet" is an “inverted vee” runabout based on the highly successful Hickman Sea Sled principle. The tunnel formed by the inverted vee funnels air under the hull to provide extra lift, while reducing wetted surface and its resultant drag. Extra stability, a softer ride, and greater load-carrying capacity are also benefits claimed for this type of design. While construction of "Sea Jet" is relatively simple, it is not recommended as a project for the beginner, due to its compound bottom structure.

8 pages, 3 plate(s)

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