Sunbeam--An 11 Ft Outboard Runabout

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Edwin Monk/Here's 11 ft 3 inches of beamy, easy-to-build boating pleasure.

by Edwin Monk, N. A.

Here’s 11 ft..3 inches of beamy, easy-to-build boating pleasure.

Making a full-sized drawing of each frame simplifies building the skeleton of your boat. You can use one of the fir plywood panels ordered for planking as a layout board, with a long edge of the panel serving as a baseline. Lay out a centerline at right angles to this edge with a large steel square, and plot the water line, setup line and buttocks as shown in the plan.  If you number each drawing to avoid confusion, you can superimpose all frame layouts on this one set of reference lines.

4 pages, 2 plate(s)

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