Veep--A Hickman Type Sea Sled

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by William D. Jackson

This roomy 15-ft. Hickman-type sea sled is one that you can build at home.

An inverted-V in the forward cross section of the sea sled stands for victory over the hydrostatic forces that tend to keep ordinary.hulls slogging through the water. With each turn of the prop, the craft leaps forward, taking a huge gulp of air in its maw to lift the hull and keep it riding on the broad planing surface aft. This efficiency, plus the absence of centerline turbulence commonly found in catamarans, allowed 35-mph performance with a single Mercury 45-hp outboard engine clamped on "Veep’s" transom. Construction is as simple as possible for a boat offering performance and roominess. A minimum number of sawn frames are enclosed in a tough stressed-skin of 3/8-in. plywood.

12 pages, 4 plate(s)

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