Ace--A Speedy 2-Cockpit Outboard Runabout

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By William D. Jackson, Naval Architect

Brand new hi-lift bottom design and high-strength longitudinal beam construction make "Ace" years ahead in outboard runabout speed and performance.

Propelled with a 16 hp stock Evinrude, "Ace" has easily outrun conventional boats powered with 25 hp outboards. We found the one we built could do 50 mph—when teamed up with a 40 hp Mercury that had a quickie lower unit. The wetted or planing area of the hull with one person aboard is only about one square foot! With five persons aboard and powered with a 25 hp outboard, "Ace" planes on the after quarter portion of hull bottom. Chines are beveled for safe turns at high speeds. "Ace" is an ideal boat for backyard builders because no building form is required to make it. This feature also makes it an excellent boat for pre-cut boat kit sales if you are interested in going into the boat building business on a part or full time scale. Its sub-assembly construction also lends itself to mass production of completed boats by the assembly line method.

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