Flying Cloud--A 27 ft Auxiliary Cruiser

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by Sam Rabl

Hardly were the plans for "Buddy" off the press than MODERN MECHANIX boat fans everywhere began to demand a large boat along the same general lines. The simple construction of this craft placed her within financial reach of every ambitious youngster who could wield a saw and push a plane. Many of the original craft were built with exceptionally fine results; one of them having crossed the Gulf of Mexico. Men who earn their living today must be back at the office or shop Monday morning and of course, require a boat that will not require hours to dock. Nevertheless, the craft must be large enough to provide comfortable accommodations for the average family and not cost too much to build. With all of these essential points in mind plans were drawn up for this “ideal” boat and eventually the boat itself was constructed and christened “Flying Cloud” after that famous old American vessel. Somehow we feel that the spirit of old Donald McKay, designer of the original sailor, will look down kindly upon our miniature versio

28 pages, 3 plate(s)

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