Dorena--A 26 ft Motorsailer

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by Luther H. Tarbox

Many old-time readers will recall the popular. 24-ft. cruiser "Dorothy", designed by the late John G. Hanna, the Sage of Dunedin. Hundreds of "Dorothys" were built all over the world and served their owners well. She was a dory-type power cruiser with an auxiliary sail, properly called a short-rigged motorsailer--a power boat with a steadying sail that could be used in emergency to make port should the engine quit cold. She was really more day-sailer than cruiser, for her cabin accommodations were limited and headroom was practically nonexistent. With the idea of giving a larger design with improved cabin accommodations—more the “sailing” motorsailer type— it was suggested that I turn to and get out an up-to-date Dorothy with quite a bit more sail power.  So here is Dorena, Dorothy’s younger and larger sister. She will sail well and will do seven knots under power. She is no ocean cruiser. If you want to be a “miniature Magellan,” don’t build her—she wasn’t designed for that sort of cruising. You can take her coastwise from Maine to Florida if you watch your weather. She can take a good dusting, but nix on this “going foreign” over thousands of miles of blue water.  The original "Dorothy’s" hull form was a combination of diamond-bottom skiff and dory. She was designed for conventional caulked-seam carvel planking. "Dorena" has a hull more after the manner of the Chesapeake Bay Skipjack, but retains the dory flare in the topsides that was a characteristic of her older sister. The handsome clipper stem complete with trailboards gives a yachtlike appearance to "Dorena" that the older "Dorothy" lacked. Also, she is designed for planking with waterproof plywood. "Dorothy’s" ballast was all inside; "Dorena’s" ballast is part inside and part outside.

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