Cresent--A 15.5 Ft. Centerboard Sailboat

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by C. T. Allen

LOA 15.5 FT., BEAM 67 IN., WEIGHT 450 LBS., SAIL AREA 135 SQ. FT.

Crescent is the ideal sailboat for day sailing on a small lake, river, or protected waters of a bay. Of course, day sailing doesn’t mean you can’t go for a moonlight cruise. It merely means that the little ship is not equipped with a cabin, galley and bunks for overnight cruising. Running lights should, of course, be installed for after-dark use. The centerboard design reduces Crescent’s draft, so shallow water is not a problem. Its broad beam of over 51/2 ft. makes it an ideal family boat because there is room for a cockpit large enough to accommodate four adults or two adults and three kids, and side decks big enough to stretch out for sunbathing. It’s fast, maneuverable, balanced enough to be sailed by one person. If you feel like racing, two people are needed aboard. Fore and aft flotation chambers will keep the boat and occupants afloat even if the cockpit is swamped with water. All of the lumber needed to build Crescent can be ordered from your local lumber yards.

23 pages, 10 plate(s)

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