Snowbird--A 12-Foot Catboat

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by Edson I. Schock

Naval architect Edson I. Schock here brings up to modern standards of construction and rig the famed Olympic Monotype class which his father, Edson B. Schock, designed from the original California Snowbirds. This new Snowbird uses plywood, has a modern rig, will be faster and handier than either of her forerunners as befits a Schock masterpiece.

LOA 12 FT., BEAM 4 FT. 11 IN.

This little cat is a modern version of the well-known Olympic Monotype class. This type of boat was selected by the Olympic Committee as a typical American small boat, and many of the original boats have been built both here and abroad. In redesigning her, I’ve modified the original lines of the boat only enough to make plywood planking possible, and the rig has been made a little more modern in style. The boats built from this design should be lighter than the original boats were, and should sail a little faster. Aside from putting on the bottom planks, the construction should be done easily by the amateur boatbuilder. The bottom planks have no twist in them, but the bend at the bow is fairly sharp, and they will have to be put on carefully. This is not an easy job, but it is well within the ability of any careful woodworker. If you plan to make your own sails, "Sailmaking Simplified" by Gray will tell you all about it in the simplest terms. But most builders, by the time they get the boat completed are willing to let a professional make the sail. This boat will make a fine racing class for any club, and an excellent boat in which to learn to sail.

*Available in reprint in The Shellback's Library from The Press at Toad Hall.

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