How to Build a Class E Racing Ice Yacht

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by T. E. Mead

LOA 18 ft., span 13 ft., MAST HEIGHT 19 ft., SAIL AREA 75 sq. ft., WEIGHT 250 lbs.

The two side planks of this class E ice yacht are of 9/16" x 11y2" x 18' clear airplane spruce. Don't make substitutions on these vital members in order to save a few cents or a few days' delay. The runner plank is also of the highest grade of airplane spruce and, as it is subjected to violent strains, should be of the very finest quality. Select the best two sides of the side planks to be on the outside and then nail them together at the corners with these two good sides together. Mark out the outline of the side planks and frame stations on one side accurately according to the drawings. Use a stiff batten to lay out the curve on the top edges. Be sure that the nails holding the two planks together are in the waste portion and not in the planks themselves. Save the waste portion because you can make some of the deck stringers and miscellaneous small parts out of these pieces. The nose block should be laminated of several pieces rather than cut out of a solid piece because this reduces danger of checking. In all joints of every kind, use "aircraft joint" casein glue. This glue is a white powder and should not be confused with the chocolate colored powder sold in most hardware stores. Its strength and water-resisting properties are far superior to the ordinary household type of casein glue.

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