Rinky Dink-A 12 Ft Stitch & Tape Day Sailer

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by Pete Smyth

Sew this plywood hull together—then fiberglass it. Easiest yet!

To build the Rinky Dink you’ll need the following: 2 sheets exterior type plywood ¼” thick by 4’ x 12’; 1 sheet exterior type plywood ½” thick by 4’ x 8’; 10 yards of 44-inch fiberglass cloth, 10 ounce; 4 five-yard lengths of fiberglass mat, 2 ounce. Sufficient resin for the above. Basically, the boat consists of two sides; two bottoms and two transoms bonded together with fiberglass mat, tape and cloth. Rigitity is supplied by the seats and the
centerboard trunk.

8 pages, 1 plate(s)

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