Pup--A 12-Foot Cat

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Designed by William F. Crosby

LOA 12 ft., BEAM 5 ft., DRAFT (board down) 3 ft. 6", SAIL AREA 60 sq. ft.

The plan for the little boat presented herewith makes use of plywood throughout except for the keel, chine pieces and clamps. The sides may each be made in one piece and the bottom may be composed of two pieces, one for each side. The fact that it is only 1/4 inch thick need cause no concern because this is actually stronger than the material usually used in boats of this type. The skin of the boat is also reinforced by five sawn plywood frames and intermediate frames and stringers that leave but little of the surface unsupported. Before going any further, we wish to point out the fact that ordinary plywood is not suitable and will not stand up when used this way. The material must be Resin Bonded Waterproof plywood in which the bonding agent between the plys is phenolformaldehyde. It is highly important to use this type material for ordinary plywoods will buckle and separate in no time. The little boat is 12 feet long and 5 feet wide. She is a vee-bottom, having a very slight vee, and is rigged as a Marconi cat. The only real weight in connection with the hull is in the center-board and it is highly important to follow the specified material and size closely. Iron, not being as heavy as bronze, should not be used unless it is at least 1/16 inch thicker. It will be noted that there is no external keel on this hull. Instead the two bottom pieces of plywood come right down to the centerline where they are mitred together. For the entire length of the boat an inside keel is used the under side of which is veed downward to the exact angle that the bottom pieces form. A small molding may be used to cover the seam in the bottom pieces, but it is not necessary.

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