Jacana--A Skiff for Racing or Day Sailing

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Designed by Charles G. MacGregor

LOA 14 ft. 6 in., BEAM 4' 8 in., DRAFT C.B. 3 ft., SAIL AREA 96 sq. ft.

Jacana is a fine looking, modern boat of nice form, being stable, fast and relatiuely easily built and she has no hard nips anywhere in her and was laid out, of course, especially to take waterproof plywood planking. The fixed draft of the boat wlaen the rudder is in place (to the bottom of the rudder, in other words), is about 14 inches.    She carries, 96 square feet of sail which is plenty because she is a light boat. It looks like more because the plan is so well balanced: The sail is divided up as follows: mainsail 71 square feet jib 25 square feet. It is passible to carry a larger overlapping jib which would be the same hoist as the working jib but 7 feet 9 inches along the foot. Your sailmaker can lay it out from those dimensions if you show him this sail plan.

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