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By Cecil Boden, N.A.

Carol is an attractive 12-footer with a flair for fishing, speeding and sailing.

Every family with a few dollars to invest, and some spare weekends, should have a Carol. She’s a 12~ ft utility skiff which will appeal to fishermen and familymen who want something suitable for outboard motors up to 18 hp. Top speed is in excess of 20 mph with an 18 on the transom, while a tiny 3 hp motor will push her along at almost 8 mph. This boat’s hull has been designed to run efficiently over a wide range of speeds and, while safety will be reduced, can handle larger motors than 18 hp. Deep transom is designed for long-shaft models. The details of this good looking boat have been carefully checked and anybody can build from the plans that appear on these pages. There’s no “boxy” look about this craft—characteristic of many simplified designs—yet if the plans and instructions are followed it should go together easily. Carol is very stable and is ideal for family picnics, fishing and general use, or as a children’s sail boat. The bottom and sides are of 1/4-inch marine grade plywood. If the boat is to be kept in the water, it would pay to sheath the bottom in fibreglass cloth. This will keep the worms away and all you need do is antifoul the bottom twice a year.

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