Aquasail--A 11.5 Ft. Day Sailor

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by Bob Whittier

This little daysailer with sail and jib is ideal for teaching the beginner the fine points of sailing.

One hesitates to use me word perfect in characterizing a boat—-first out of a natural modesty, second out of the knowledge that one man’s dreamboat is another man’s dog. But in the case of AquaSail, we feel compelled to say it’s perfect. Adapted from an old design, AquaSail floats with just the right jaunty, perky air. Her stability is right on the button with no crankiness to spoil her sunny disposition. And her response is superlative. In just a puff or two of wind she darts forward nicely. Designed first for those who have no experience in either building or handling a sailboat, AquaSail also can satisfy the experienced sailor and builder. Designed for two, she’s large enough to be out of the toy boat class. But with a length of 11½ ft. and a beam of 5 ft. she gives no trouble to the beginner learning to handle a sailboat. Her hull lines are simple and free of troublesome twists, a fact to be appreciated by the inexperienced builder. Yet theyre clean and smart enough not to cause her to bob and drift as some badly designed boats do

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