Dart--A Fast 13' Daysailer

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Sailing is a word to conjure with. Its adherents range from owners of little gnatsize craft to those of huge schooners. Nowhere on the water is a greater variety of action or repose to be had than in sailing. It ranges from merely moving lazily in light breezes to bowling along with the wind whistling through the rigging and lee rails awash, giving action and thrills akin to flying. “Dart” Is a small two or three person sailing craft, designed for use on protected waters such as bays,  lakes, rivers or wherever sheltered waters are found. Its construction will repay the builder handsomely and provide a fast sailing craft, light in weight, easily transportable and cheap to construct with all difficult. joinery eliminated. It provides thrilling and economical sport.

12 pages, 3 plate(s)

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