Conga a Peppy V-Bottom 12 ft Knockabout

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by C.B. Dawes

An ideal boat for the novice, this little 12-foot sloop presents no complications in construction, and the average individual who is handy with tools can tackle her with confidence, even if he has never so much as whittled out a toy boat before. "Conga" has the additional advantage of being an excellent craft in which to learn the fundamentals of sailing, as she is stable, well-balanced and easy to handle. She can be built entirely with hand tools, of materials easily obtainable locally almost anywhere. The drawings accompanying this article are unusually complete and detailed—for this reason the text will be kept to a simplified minimum. A careful study of the plans and list of materials should, by themselves, enable you to successfully construct this sailboat

7 pages, 6 plate(s)

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