Build this Olympic Monotype Sailboat

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Designed by Edson B. Schock

We are mighty proud to present here plans for one of the sweetest lined little craft we have seen in many a moon. The Monotype class was the official one-design boat in the recent Olympic games, and comes from the board of the most famous of West Coast designers, Mr Edson B. Schock. Here’s a boat to be proud of. The Olympic Monotype, which might be called a centerboard catboat with “V” bottom, is unsurpassed for light to medium weather sailing. The low cost of construction and the fact that it requires a minimum use of the steambox and no elaborate tools, make it an ideal craft for home building; while the comparative safety with which it can be handled makes it ideally suited to the requirements of the younger generation of yachtsmen. Furthermore, the fact that this design has been officially adopted indicates the prestige which it enjoys among those who build and sail good boats. It is modestly hoped that this article will inspire the construction of this type of craft in and around yachting centers to the extent that Monotype clubs might be organized, thus promoting the sport from the competitive angle and making the boats of proportionately greater value.

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