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by Leslie E. Bailey
Secretary, Rhodes Bantam Class Assocation

A 141/2 footer wonderful for racing or day-sailng.

Many experienced skippers have stepped into a Rhodes "Bantam", wondered aloud about the room and comfort in its fourteen feet, exclaimed about its exceptional stability and then found a boat with a real challenge to their sailing ability. For all its good performance, the "Bantam" is an ideal boat for family sailing, one which doesn’t penalize the inexperienced. Another beauty of the "Bantam" is its simplicity. You don’t have to be the best shipwright in the world nor do you need a shop full of special tools. A comfortable chair, a good standard text on boat building and the usual tools of a home shop combined with patience and care and you’re on your way. The "Bantam" is a strict one-design class where home built boats are on a par with factory boats, and there are no “goldplaters.”

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