Victory One-Design, The

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An 18-ft. Racing Class with simple, all-plywood construction; designed by William F. Crosby, creator of the famous Snipe Class.

The primary purpose of a one-design racing class is to have all the competing boats as closely alike as possible so that the winning skipper finishes first, not because of finer hull lines or a more expensive craft but because of superior skill and seamanship. This is the most democratic form of sailboat racing and one that offers healthful relaxation to everyone of almost any age. For the youngsters or the beginners in boating, one-design competition is the finest training in mind and muscle that can be found. While the Victory can be used for day sailing or general knockabout use, you’ll get the most sport and find the boat at her best when she’s racing with others of her class. So show these plans to your boating friends, talk it up and get them interested in building a fleet of Victory’s. By building several boats at the same time, you’ll not only get more fun out of racing them but by combining orders for the materials you can reduce the cost considerably.

10 pages, 5 plate(s)

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