Windmill--A 151/2 Ft. One-Design

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by W.P. McMillen

One of the hottest of the one-design sailing classes to come off a drawing board in recent years is the Windmill Sloop. Classy, strong, ultra-lightweight, low in cost, simple to build, and extremely fast, these are only a few accurate descriptions of the boat. With a sail area of only 119 sq. ft., 56-inch beam, and a LOA of 15½ feet, she’ll outsail any single-hulled craft of similar size and sail area—and stay drier than most while doing it!  Designed especially for the home-builder by Clark W. Mills of Clearwater, Fla., the Windmill was first introduced in 1953. The boat proved suitable for both the teen-age set and the mature sailor as well. Now the class has spread over 27 states, and is also represented in Cuba and Guatemala, C. A.  Over half of the Windmills in existence have been home-built, many by youngsters with only a rudimentary knowledge of shop. Much of the Windmill’s hardware can be made at home with tin-snips and an electric drill.

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