Sunray Jr.--Nat'l Triangle Class racing Knockabout

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by S. S. Rabl

A summer of one of the world’s most thrilling sports—sailboat racing— awaits him who builds this boat.

Triangle class rules are a result of careful study of other racing classes, and under them the man who builds his own boat at home has the same chances as those who can afford to have their craft professionally constructed, because cash outlay on the boat is predetermined in every important respect. Only three boats are needed to get a fleet charter from the N. T. C. R. A. and compete in the national regattas, so here’s an opportunity to organize a fleet in your locality, built at low cost. The past few years have seen a record-breaking revival of the small sailboat. Snipes, Comets and Moths have increased by leaps and bounds. Sunray Jr. is a compact and modernized version of the Sunray, and is eligible to race in the National Triangle class, one of the fairest and most democratic of the small boat racing classes. Like the construction of Sunray, that of the Junior is the acme of simplicity.

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