Pronto--A Half-and-Half (Motor Sailer)

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Designed by Charles D. Mower

A happy arrangement of sailing schooner and motor cruiser which will please those who like to sail and still get there on schedule

To meet the requirements of yachtsmen who desire a power cruiser which can, in an emergency, be handled under sail alone, the type known as the fifty-fifty cruiser has been developed, and has met with considerable favor. The design given here is a representative boat of this type, and has many interesting features as will be seen after a careful study of the plans. While primarily a power boat capable of a cruising speed of nine or ten miles per hour, this design has a knockabout schooner rig of sufficient area to allow the owner to shut off the power and enjoy all the pleasure of sailing whenever there is a good whole sail breeze. There is also the feeling of security in the knowledge that if the engine should go out of business in bad weather, or a tight place, the boat can be handled under sail, and can make port or ride out a gale in safety if necessary. The boat has a maximum of cabin accommodations for her overall length, and not an inch of space is wasted in the interior arrangement. In the extreme bow there is a double stateroom with two built-in berths. Aft of this there is a toilet room on one side and a large clothes closet opposite. The main cabin is amidships, and seems as large as would be found in a boat of double the size. By using the backs of the transom seats as upper berths, sleeping accommodations for four can be provided in the main cabin. The galley is at the after end of the main cabin, and on the opposite side there is room for berthing a paid hand if one is carried. The cockpit is large and most comfortable, either when under way or at anchor with an awning stretched over the main boom. While the draft is small enough to allow cruising by the inside routes, and in comparatively shallow waters, the boat is perfectly seaworthy and suitable for offshore work, and can cruise anywhere the owner’s fancy may take him. These boats are not as fast under sail as the modern cruising schooners with comparatively small auxiliary power, but they are faster under, power, more easily handled and give better cabin accommodations than an auxiliary schooner of the same over all length. The type is sure to appeal strongly to the man who finds it necessary to go to power but who still loves the sail and hates to give it up.

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