Missile--A 19 ft Racing Sailboat

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by C.T. Allen

Small craft designed for the backyard boatbuilder who wants competition or just plain speedy sailing at minimum cost.

"Missile" is designed to be the first boat around the finishing buoy, regardless of the competition or varying wind conditions. To do this consistently, the underwater hull design has been chosen to give maximum speed and maneuverability. And, because top speed and close maneuvering each depend on your boat’s ability to hang on the wind and be stable at any angle of heel, a fin keel was used.  The fin keel is bolted to its hanger and can be removed or installed in minutes when launching "Missile" or loading it on a trailer.  Further and somewhat surprising dividends of this design are the ease with which the boat can be built and the low cost of materials due to the absence of centerboard, centerboard trunk, steamed planking, and complicated stem and transom assemblies.  The original model used Crezon plastic-overlaid plywood for planking and deck, eliminating costly priming, or use of special paints or coatings to get the fine finish so necessary to successful sailboat racing. For economy, however, 3-ply, fir exterior plywood available at your local lumberyard may be used. Also, if the cost of 20-ft. plywood panels is more than you wish to pay, stock 8-ft. lengths may be used along with butt-joint battens.

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