How to Build Frisky--A 17-Ft. Racing Sloop

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by J. Julius Fanta

A 17-foot jib-headed racer that meets the popular demand for a racing craft combined with a knockabout for 1eisure1y afternoon sailing.

Frisky is specially designed to fill a double bill embodying a fast hull, 'with sweeping lines and novel features. She has a shallow forefoot, a factor that makes her fast, particularly in running before the wind. With the crew's weight shifted aft to lift the bow, the effect is virtually planing. The graceful sheer adds to the freeboard forward to make for dry sailing. Ample beam, six foot plus, makes this craft stiff in strongish winds. Frisky is a good sail carrier in heavy going with her tall rig.

13 pages, 4 plate(s)

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