Flying Ant--A 10-Ft. 6-In. Racing Dinghy

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by Chris Howe

Designed by John Spencer, this l0ft 6 in. racing dinghy sails as well as it looks.

Designed by John Spencer, of Cherub fame, the Flying Ant is an excellent, high performance, junior trainer, Originating in New Zealand, the design took on in Western Australia, but rigid restrictions and a high minimum weight led Sydney enthusiasts to tinker with the specifications. As now sailed with Middle Harbor 16 ft Skiff Club, the Sydney Flying Squadron and Georges River SC, the boats deviate from the specifications, especially in the sail area of spinnakers. Northbridge Sailing Club, concerned to foster a more restricted class, drew up a set of restrictions and called the class “Lightweight Flying Ant”. The net result of this is the original Flying Ant hull shape and working sail plan, optional cockpit arrangements and rigging a minimum weight of 80 lb, and a restricted spinnaker areas.

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