10-Foot Mark Boat, A

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A craft specially designed as a Mark Boat, also useful for many purposes.

Raced are run on a course which has previously been laid out by the regatta or race committee and which is provided with certain marks to show the direction of the course. Often well known objects such as Government buoys, lights, etc., are used but it more often happens that such objects are not available or that they are not conveniently spaced. It then becomes necessary for the race committee to place other objects on the course--they are generally placed only at the spots where the course changes direction. These objects, or marks, as they are properly called, have been a source of trouble to race committees and contestants and have spoiled many a race, through being improperly designed for their purpose. There are several reasons for this, the chief one being that the average race committee has had no experience in the design and construction of marks. A good many seem to think that almost any old thing that can float and cary a flag will do. They may be a little shy of money and some one will suggest a cheap and easily constructed mark, it is is used, generally with unsatisfactory results. The inexpensive and simple type of mark is a delusion. Such a mark lasts about a season, whereas a real good mark may cost more but will last twenty years with proper care and be far cheaper and infinitely more satisfactory in the end.

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